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    Your Advantage with Us instead of Using The MLS
    We Don’t Charge Any Fees 0%($ 0) Real Estate Agents Charge 6% ($15,000) No Seller Concessions Charge 0%($ 0) Seller Concessions Charge 2% ($ 5,000) Cost To Sell To Us 0%($ 0) Cost To Sell On MLS 8% ($20,000) Three offers – You Pick The One You Like 1/3 of Houses on MLS don’t Sell
    One Walk Through & You’re Through Showings at Inconvenient times We buy “As Is” Costly Staging & Repairs
    Not making two payments Making payments on two properties
    We are flexible for your move You can’t plan your move Your House is SOLD Will the house Sell?
    We work with you on the move date Tight move date

    Here is why we are better for you than Opendoor. There are several ways to sell a house: Here is Opendoor Compared To Selling to Us 480-479-9043 I submitted a property to get a Quote for purchase from Opendoor – Here is what I found.

    3136 W Thunderbird 3136 W Thunderbird 3136 W Thunderbird
    Rd Phoenix AZ Rd Phoenix AZ Rd Phoenix AZ
    Redfin Estimate Zillow Estimate Opendoor Estimate
    $294,962 $271,634 $229,500

    The Opendoor offer came in at 1) $65,462 less than Redfin and 2) $42,134 less than Zillow. That is on the VALUE of the property, we haven’t gotten to their Fees yet, for buying the property. Yes, they charge Fees to the Seller to buy the property.

    Opendoor charges a variable Fee for its services, (6% to 12%) starting at 6 percent and rising to 12 percent for more risky properties. The average fee falls between 8 percent and 9 percent for sellers, which is higher than the standard 6 percent fee charged by traditional real estate agents. Home repairs or structural issues not identified in the information you provided to Opendoor are not included in those costs.