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Our company is named S.A.F.E., (Secure. Affordable. Future. Equity.) for a reason, and we are a private investment firm. We’ve positioned ourselves to take advantage of the largest real estate crash since the Great Depression. We buy houses for about seventy cents on the dollar. We then re-market them for significant long-term cash flow and for huge back-end payoffs.

We’re currently expanding our business by bringing on investors such as yourself, for as little as $25K initial investment. Some choose to enter with $100k. Many of our investors are unsatisfied with the small returns from their money market accounts, and the stock market is too volatile for them. So they use funds from within their self-directed IRA or 401k and invest with us for cash flow.

Have you considered adding cash flow investments for your retirement portfolio?

We are located in Newport Beach, CA and in Scottsdale AZ. If this is something that might make sense for your portfolio, contact us at 480-661-2999 or email us at PassiveIncomeGrowth@outlook.com

We will explain the process and let you know if you are a good candidate for safe and secure, long term cash flow. If it’s a good fit, we do all of the work for you.


For our Canadian friends, we speak your language. RRSP’s might qualify, Check  with your Chartered Accountant. We also work with our friends that are Australians, (Aussies), New Zealanders, (Kiwis) and Great Britain, (Brits). Secure your piece of the pie. Email us for more information.

(Our Canadian rep hails from Toronto and from Vancouver. And we will certainly work with anyone in between and in the Maritimes).

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